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[ScrewThisNoise][Illusion] PlayHome (プレイホーム) BetterRepack R3
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Date : 2020-05Size : 34.0 G
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![BetterRepack R3]( "BetterRepack R3") # Release 3 // 21.05.2020 Links: (You can find updates etc in here) If you want to get notified about new releases, feel free to join my notification discord: ### Changelog: - Updated [BR] Slimmer script - Updated Launcher - Added modified game files to allow for output-log generation - Adjusted translation slightly and resized some UI Elements - Edited AllegrettoPH to make lighting options show in English - Added semi-optional Bonemods (Toggleable from Launcher) - Added new clothing mods, see included csv - Updated PH_BepisPlugins to R14.1 - Updated IllusionFixes to v1.12 - Updated XUnity.AutoTranslator to v4.11.2 - Updated 0xd4d's dnSpy to v6.1.4 - Updated enimaroah's SB3Utility to v20.3.6 - Updated Marco's PHAPI to v1.11.1 - Updated Marco's ABMX to v4.3 - Updated Marco's FPS Counter to v3.0 - Updated Marco's Runtime Unity Editor v2.1 - Retaken all thumbs to get lighter images - Replaced English ADV translation - Polished translation and text scaling - Added 2155X's Mannequin Pose - Added 2155X's PH_BoopBepin v1.1.0 - Added Joan6694's MoreAccessories v1.0 - Added Chinese language translation from Zodgame - Removed PH PlayBoop v0.0.5 (Obsolete) - (IPA) Added Importer v1.0 - (IPA) Added Lights Save v1.0 - (IPA) Added PlayHomeVR v0.8 - (IPA) Added StudioAnimLoader v0.0.2 as optional - (IPA) Added VN Game Engine 17.5 as optional - (IPA) Replaced PH Shortcuts v2.0 with fixed version supporting BepInEx ### Patreon I'd very much appreciate it if you would all think about supporting me on patreon, but keep in mind that I won't paywall my packs, this is just for supporting me making my packs better :) There is currently a direct download option exclusive to patreons, take a peek at [] for more information. ~.~ ![Patreon]( "Patreon") []