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1 ❀Bought | Released by velka❀ [190824][同人ゲーム][SBD] ご主人様、きっつい躾が必要ですね♪3 -ドSメイドの放屁搾精- [RJ262493] 799M
2 ❀Bought | Released by velka❀ [190824][同人ゲーム][1000yenPlayer] seven'sヒロインW触手姦 [RJ262129] 93.0M
3 ❀Bought | Released by velka❀ [190824][同人ゲーム][和菓子日和] メリアと悪鬼の島 [RJ259735] 552M
4 ❀Bought | Released by velka❀ [190825][同人ゲーム][幼心の君に] The Dead End ~呪われし迷宮と乙女達~ [RJ256172] 4.25G
5 [RPG] [QRoss] 俺は魔法少女~魔王(しんゆう)に連れ去られて孕ませ宣言されました~ / I'm a Magic Girl ~Kidnapped and Impregnated by the Demon Lord (my buddy)~ 290M
6 [050708][Maika] 超光戦隊ジャスティスブレイド2 ~世界制覇へのカウントダウン~ 3.00G
7 [RPG] Farmer's Dreams R13 [English] 1.50G
8 [RPG] ESCAPE FROM Z CITY ~忘れられた映像~ | ESCAPE FROM Z CITY ~Found Footage~ (eng) + save 121M
9 [Others] Molester Game [English] / 痴漢ゲーム 201M
10 [VN] Suzuka's Melody [English] / 鈴夏のメロディー 490M
11 [RPG] [黒猫喫茶] Element Embrace エレメントエンブレイス 2.28G
12 [SLG] [いぬすく] 妹!せいかつ ~モノクローム~ / [inusuku] Imouto!? Life ~Monochrome~ 147M
13 Gin'Iro, Haruka - Common Route Patch 29.7M
14 ❀Bought | Released by velka❀ [190824][同人ゲーム][ya-ho-games] 黒の案山子は動かないepisode16~マリィと秘密のおつかい~ [RJ258036] 944M
15 [RPG] Double Elf Fantasy [English] 200M
16 Yumina the Ethereal / Kikouyoku Senki Tenkuu no Yumina / 輝光翼戦記 天空のユミナ [English] 3.26G
17 [GOG] Kindred Spirits - Game + Full Chorus DLC + Extras 7.08G
18 │2D.G.F.│ [190824] [毛ガニ研究室] NTRハウス 639M
19 [ADV] Provocative Punishment Final [English] 162M
20 [RPG] [むに工房] / [62studio] Lust Memory Ver.1.0 862M
21 [ADV] [SmomoGameX] けものパーティー Ver.2.1.2 367M
22 [VN] Ishu Aigan [English] / 異種愛玩 628M
23 [SLG] Instant Viewing App! 3D-13 for Windows / 即抜き鑑賞用アプリ即!3D-13 for Windows 52.3M
24 [ACT] Kinky Black Hood in the Nightpark / 変態黒頭巾 in the Nightpark 16.0M
25 ~NEW~ [190821][同人ゲーム][ヒナマルソフト] ~拘束モノ特化敗北凌辱RPG~異世界放流者アミ [RJ260842] 638M
26 ~NEW~ [190823][同人ゲーム][四畳半ファクトリー] 鍛冶職人アルル ~Hな依頼はお断りッス!~ [RJ262560] 170M
27 ❀Bought | Released by velka❀ [190824][同人ゲーム][毛ガニ研究室] NTRハウス [RJ257752] 724M
28 [ADV] 光翼戦姫エクスティア side.1『ショタ牛怪人、爆乳化の罠』 728M
29 [ADV] The Fate of Irnia – New Version 0.56 [English] [] 556M
30 [ADV] A Town Uncovered Alpha 0.24a [English] [] 926M
31 [ADV] Infinity Crisis 1.0 [English] [] 217M
32 ❀Bought | Released by velka❀ [190823][同人ゲーム][QRoss] 俺は魔法少女~魔王(しんゆう)に連れ去られて孕ませ宣言されました~ [RJ260967] 239M
33 │2D.G.F.│ [190822] [黒猫喫茶] Element Embrace エレメントエンブレイス 1.92G
34 [M-design] 即抜き鑑賞用アプリ即!3D-13 for Windows 79.1M
35 [SLG] Leila is Mine! [English] / レイラは私のものです! 6.08M
36 [SLG] Lost Life ver.1.14 [JP-EN-CH] 82.5M
37 [VN] Love Death 3 ~Realtime Lovers~ ver.1.03 [EngMTL-Uncen] / らぶデス3~Realtime Lovers~ 3.39G
38 [RPG] Dilmur 0.7a [English][] 983M
39 ❀Bought | Released by velka❀ [190822][同人ゲーム][いぬすく] 妹!せいかつ ~モノクローム~ [RJ258445] 127M
40 ❀Bought | Released by velka❀ [190822][同人ゲーム][黒猫喫茶] Element Embrace エレメントエンブレイス [RJ258608] 1.94G
41 Ishu Aigan - HD Version / 異種愛玩 [English Patched] 781M
42 [ACT] [浜南土木] 変態黒頭巾 in the Nightpark 19.7M
43 アヴィが動いてお兄さんがイっちゃう物語(蜜月編) MountBatten ver1_12 809M
44 [VN] Shiny Days (ver.1.01e, All Content Restored) [English-Uncen] 15.0G
45 [RPG] Material Girl (Poor JK Sakura's Pursuit of Happiness) [English-Uncen] / 女子校生サクラの貧乏奮闘記 463M
46 [ACT] Escape from the Giant Insect Lab ver.1.01 [Uncen] / GIL~巨大昆虫研究所~ 62.8M
47 [RPG] [RevoRious] 露出大好きTheGame Ver.1.00 278M
48 [ACT] MONSTER ISLAND (JP) / モンスターアイランド 106M
49 [ADV] Four Elements Trainer v.0.8.3 [English] [] 763M
50 ❀Bought | Released by velka❀ [190820][同人ゲーム][SmomoGameX] けものパーティー [RJ258127] Don't forgot credits 2jf 324M