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[COM3D2] Custom Order Maid 3D2 Modpack R1
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Date : 2020-01Size : 5.90 G
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Custom Order Maid 3D2 modpack R1 - The base game is not included in this pack because it gets updated quite often. Clean installation is highly recommended. - This pack is focused on normal clothes and school uniform variations. - A few presets are included - Several body types are included (I recommend the LO High Poly body v2.11.1350 with extra shapekeys for the chest as the default choice) - Several male bodies are also included. If you find better ones that aren't transparent, let me know. - There may be some items with errors and missing refferences which will potentially crash the game but they are very rare. That's why you should save more often when editing maids. - There are a few duplicates. I will do some more cleanup in a later release. Some items may look alike but are in fact different (custom shapekeys) - I have no idea if it works with the english version or how you can get it to work, nor do I care. You're on your own. - Some items are specific to a body type and will display incorrectly on any other body type. (Ex. stockings made for the default body will have parts of them blending with the skin when used with the LO High Poly body which is the one you want to use because of the extra shapekeys. You'll see the difference.) - This pack is based on the updated JAPANESE version of COM3D2 by lilly ( and CM3D2 version by lilly ( COM3D2 and CM3D2 are two different standalone games that are backwards compatible. These two versions have all the DLC preapplied which is a must if you don't want to get missing refference errors. COM3D2 must be linked to CM3D2 installation folder via the game launcher settings. REQUIREMENTS <<< Ability to read and understand some simple instructions. <<< A decent PC with a 64bit version of Windows. <<< An installation path that isn't too long. Something like "D:\Games\COM3D2" is good. <<< Most of the mods to date are based on the DLC from CM3D2 so if you plan on skipping the CM3D2 installation then you can forget about using this pack. You'll have to delete at least half of the mods. >>> <<< Updated Visual C++ redistributables. You can use an All In One pack such as >>> <<< Updated drivers >>> <<< 7zip or something to extract .7z archives >>> <<< Japanese language pack installed on windows. You don't need to run the game with japanese locale or locale emulator. I never do and it works fine >>> <<< A SSD WITH AT LEAST 150GB FREE SPACE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Both CM3D2 and COM3D2 should be installed on SSD because loading time can become an issue otherwise >>> >>> INSTALLATION Step 1 - download CM3D2 from "" to your SSD - run "_01 AIO install . first run this. 올인원 설치. 이거 먼저 실행. v022.cmd" - run "_56 Option. Reg add 레지스트리 등록 v001_UTF-8.cmd". (Run again every time you change the installation path) Step 2 - download COM3D2 from "" to your SSD - run "_01 AIO install . first run this. 올인원 설치. 이거 먼저 실행. v022.cmd" - run "_15 Option. Reg add 레지스트리 등록 v001_UTF-8.cmd" (Run again every time you change the installation path) - run "COM3D2.exe" game launcher and in the upper right corner hit the settings button and select the 3rd option. You can use your smartphone's camera with google translate to figure what it says but basically what you need to do there is enter the installation path of CM3D2 and save the settings. Now COM3D2 will automatically import the assets and maid personalities from CM3D2. - exit the game launcher Step 3 - Copy the contents of this pack to the root of the COM3D2 installation folder (no need to copy Mod.7z) - Extract "Mod.7z" to the root of the COM3D2 installation folder. (If "Mod" folder is not in the same directory as the game launcher you did something wrong.) - Go to [Noctsoul Sybaris II AIO] folder and extract "Sybaris COM3D2 [191031].7z" into the root of the COM3D2 installation folder. (You should now have "i18nEx", "IMGUITranslationLoader", "Sybaris", "opengl32.dll" and a bunch of readme txt files in the same folder as game launcher. If you don't you did something wrong.) - At this point you should have a working uncensored COM3D2 with the essential mods and plugins and automated machine translation which isn't that great. - Go to [MaidEx BepInEx AIO pack] => Translation AIO [Sybaris II] [190901].7z and extract it into the root of the COM3D2 installation folder overwriting all existing files. This will give you a better translation for the user interface and the main story. You must go to the ingame configuration and select English language. Sometimes when no text is displayed during dialog you must select English and Japanese. Translation was made by the CM3D2/COM3D2 comunity and is really good. Step 4 - Everything should be set. I run the game with "COM3D2.exe" and it works fine for me. Some suggest to run it with "COM3D2x64.exe". I wouldn't expect the game to start without errors on the first try. For me it usually takes around 2 minutes to load to title screen on a decent machine. Just keep trying both exe until it finally completely loads for the first time and then keep using the exe that worked. If for some reason loading gets stuck it sometimes helps to hit space or enter on the console window. If you only get sound and a black window it helps setting fullscreen: false and the resolution to 1280x720 in "config.xml" and then change it to whatever you want while ingame. It's important for the game to load correctly once and most issues will be gone on a second loading. >>> OPTIONAL - go into [TOOLS] and install Maid Fiddler preferrably in the game folder. When it asks, point it to the COM3D2 installation folder. Maid Fiddler allows you to edit your maids stats. To use it you must first run Maid Fiddler and then run the game, load a save file and wait for it to connect. There's no point using it until you have a save file with at least the 3 main characters. - You may want to install VibeYourMaid plugin. It is a plug-in that can be used for maids working or dancing with remote control vibes. Tons of fun to use. Go to [Optional Mod] and extract "com3d2_mod_kyouyu_b_92 vibeyourmaid plugin.7z". Copy "UnityInjector" folder to "Sybaris" folder in the main game folder. I recommend leaving this plugin for later once you get used to the interface and the other included plugins. You'll probably get confused when the whole screen gets covered in menus. Interface is activated with the I and O keys. - You can use my savefile with my current progress (extract SAVEDATA.7z in the installation folder) and edit it with MaidFiddler to unlock everything if you don't care about the story. I personally don't want to cheat my way through the game because it's all about the subtle changes in personality as you progress. There's also a 100% save file which I haven't tested. I think it comes from the english version. If you can't load the save file perhaps you need to edit the .xml in notepad so the savedata target will match your installation directory. It's just a guess. - As an alternative to Sybaris II AIO you can use MaidEx AIO which emulates Sybaris and is lighter and open source. I only tested it once a while back and the included plugins may be outdated by now. On top of that you can apply translation for MaidEx. Note that you must delete all traces of the previous Sybaris installation to avoid any conflicts. >>> PLUGINS The most common plugins included in this pack are activated using the F2-F12 keys You will probably use these - F2: HalfUnDressing . As the name suggests this plugin allows you to lift the skirt and some tops and lingerie that support the feature - F3: YotogiUtil - F4: ShapeAnimator. This plugin is used to edit body parts shapekeys and/or animate them. Useful for fine tuning a preset. Each body type has different shapekeys. - F5: During maid editing -> ModSlider. Also used for fine tuning a preset and make clothes fit better. WIDESLIDER should be enabled because presets usually come with fine tuning that require wideslider. - F5: During sex scenes -> AddYoyogiSliderSe. Allows to change face expressions and controls holes animation. AutoBote-> belly inflates when cumming inside (needed for the cross section uterus body). The AUTOBOTE increment can be changed in Sybaris\UnityInjector\Config\AddYotogiSliderSE.ini. Default is 10. Max should be 100. AutoKUPA controls the holes animation and more (should be enabled). - F6: Controls parts of the face and expression - F7: Changes the room/scenery, lighting and background music - U: During sex scenes allows separate views on face and crotch. Also can enable overlays for cross section uterus/anal/neck - I/O: VibeYourMaid - F12: AlwaysColorChange. It edits materials for body parts. It is needed to make the penis visible inside when using the cross section uterus body*. *I made a tutorial on how to use that mod. Mod\_BODY\cm3d2_b_442 uterus cross section\TUTORIAL. A an alternative you can just use a male body designed for that mod. >>> TIPS - If you have any questions about how a certain mod works it's best to look inside its respective folder. There might be a tutorial in there or a readme in japanese that you have to translate. - Remember that you can filter out the mods from the standard/DLC items. When browsing a category there is a search bar followed by 6 blue buttons with unreadable text. The last 3 buttons are for filtering COM3D2 | CM3D2 | MODS It's tough work sorting mods from hundreds of scattered sources. I did it for myself to fit my personal taste. Take it or leave it and don't bitch about it. Let me know if you find something that doesn't work but you know how to fix. You can delete whatever you don't like or need from Mod folder and add your own mods I don't answer to requests. Pay someone on patreon to do that. I will never lock behind a paywall something that I didn't make and I just merely organized. inlolzwetrust