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[SLG] [Shimeji777] Punishing Youmu-chan! 3 / お仕置き妖夢ちゃん3
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Date : 2019-10Size : 115 M
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The third punishment game where youmu and Yuyuko move! The main part is composed of a conversation part and a punishment part. There are 3 types of branching and 3 endings. In the trial version, there is a limit to story branching and single item mode play. Please consider whether there is no problem with the trial version before purchasing. ■ How to play ・ "Start" This is the main game part. It will be a mode to enjoy conversation part and punishment part. ・ Conversation part You can see conversations before and after punishment between Youmu-chan, Yuyuko and Murasaki. Talk will proceed by touching the screen. «End the conversation with the“ Skip ”button or skip to the choice. The conversation can be automatically advanced with the “Auto” button. Demo version has limited choices. Punishment part It becomes the mode to punish by hitting the butt. For details, see “How to play” in the game. ·"how to play" You can check how to play in the punishment part by playing in the specified procedure. ・ "Single item" Only the punishment part can be enjoyed immediately. の 他 In addition to combinations prepared in advance, you can freely choose how to call and call characters There is also "custom punishment" You cannot play in the demo version blame google translate for this mess