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[SLG] [ACTFactory] Shota Complex School Doctor Can't Control Her Urges / [芥工場] ショタコン保健医は性欲を抑えられない(ver1.00)
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Date : 2019-10Size : 122 M
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A pixel art erotic animation adventure novel made using TyranoScript. The protagonist is a school doctor with a shota complex. Longing to do nasty things with a shota, she finds herself in luck when one comes by to talk about a sexual issue he's embarrassed about. Unable to control herself, she quickly comes on to the boy... [Contents] - An adventure novel where you read and make choices - Erotic scenes take the form of pixel animation. There are no stills or CG. - 4 clothing and 9 facial expression variations - 5 base animations, 3 sexual - Just over 9,000 characters long