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Tsuushinbo Another Story Disc ~Hitori de Dekiru mon!, Himitsu no Yoshuu~ / 通心ぼ アナザーストーリーディスク ~一人でできるもん!、ヒミツの予習~ [English Patched]
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Date : 2019-09Size : 622 M
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Image Title: Tsuushinbo Another Story ~Hitori de Dekiru mon!, Himitsu no Yoshuu~ Original title: 通心ぼ アナザーストーリー ~一人でできるもん!、ヒミツの予習~ Year: Japan 2015-10-30, English Patch 2019-09-14 Developer: Marble Candy Soft Publisher: Marble Candy Soft Language: English Voice: Japanese Translation: Anonymous Description: This is a collection of three short stories taking place after each girl's first time. Important: 1. You need to change system locale to Japanese. 2. Run IHS.exe and install. After the installation is complete, run tsushinbo-sp.exe to start the game. 3. Menu is not translated. Screenshots: