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Artificial Academy 2 ALL-IN-ONE + EXTRAS
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Date : 2019-07Size : 117 G
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So here is my first post in Nyaa! I have been working on this for a long time! I really wanted to share this to people so bad who were having problems installing the game and the extra stuff (for example, mods, dlcs and plugins). This is still incomplete, that is why I have not flagged it as complete. More updates might come in the future. This ALL-IN-ONE has all of the dlcs, translations, updates, etc and a lot of other stuff, for example, mods and plugins. The mods are mentioned in the following list: [AA2 Maker][Male and Female Personalities in Portraits][0.5] by Zinny [AA2][3D Rooms Extra][Backgrounds] [AA2][3D Rooms][v16] [AA2][3D rooms+3D objects][Fix by Alex7997] [AA2][Animation][More Cumming Positions. v.3][Fix by Alex7997] [AA2][Dialog translation][v0.1][AA2 Translation Team] [AA2][Dialogue][Bekloppt No Dim Mod Compatibility Patch][SLOT 67 v0.1] [AA2][Dialogue][Empress No Dim Mod Compatibility Patch][REDUX v0.1] [AA2][Dialogue][MML for ND v1.1][audio files] [AA2][Dialogue][MML for ND v1.1][v1.4B][JS3F,UV] [AA2][Dialogue][ND Compatibility for AA1 Aloof V1.0][V1.0] [AA2][Dialogue][ND Compatibility for AA1 Big Sister][v.02] [AA2][Dialogue][ND Compatibility for AA1 Brave Personality Port aa2g (BETA1)[V1.0] [AA2][Dialogue][ND Compatibility for AA1 Quiet][v0.3] [AA2][Dialogue][ND Compatibility for AA1 Sweet][1.10] [AA2][Dialogue][ND Compatibility for Apricot v0.8][V1.0] [AA2][Dialogue][ND Compatibility for Cold Personality(fixed)][V1.0] [AA2][Dialogue][ND Compatibility for Mistress][V1.3] [AA2][Dialogue][ND Compatibility for Open-eyed Joyful][v0.2] [AA2][Dialogue][ND Compatibility for Robot personality V1.2.1][V1.1b] [AA2][Dialogue][ND Compatibility for Rough][V1.0a] [AA2][Dialogue][ND Compatibility for Selfish][V1.0] [AA2][Dialogue][ND Compatibility for Silent V1.0][V1.0] [AA2][Dialogue][ND Compatibility for Tense][V1.0] [AA2][Dialogue][ND Patch for AA1 Cold 2.0] [AA2][Dialogue][ND Patch for AA1 Eloquent 1.4] [AA2][Dialogue][ND Patch for AA1 Obscene 1.0] [AA2][Dialogue][ND Patch for AA1 Soft 2.0] [AA2][Dialogue][ND Patch for SalamanderMan v1.0a] [AA2][Dialogue][ND Patch for Яussiaи 2.0] [AA2][Dialogue][No-Dim Patch For Visdomr][V1.0] [AA2][Dialogue][Unnoficial ND Compatibility for AA2G Empress][v0.2] [AA2][HEXA Personality Pack][v2.2][Various] [AA2][HEXAPP][NoDim Compatibility Patch][v2.2][Various] [AA2][Patch][ALL HD R15 MEGAFIX][44 PERS)][HentaiRai] [AA2][Patch][Gynoid_fix_ND_EN][150111] [AA2][Patch][Succubus_fix_ND_EN][150111] [AA2][AI][SaotomeRanma][V505P CUSTOM] [AA2][HEXA Hairpack][RE][v3.0][Various] [AA2][HEXA Override Collection][v4.0][Various] [AA2][HEXA Clothing Collection][EX2][v5.2][Various] and many more! I am just too lazy to mention the remaining ones. Let me know if there are any problems! Please support the developers by buying the game. Enjoy! :D