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Prison Battleship Premium Box / Kangoku Senkan Premium Box / 監獄戦艦PREMIUM BOX [English Patched]
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Date : 2019-07Size : 2.04 G
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Image Title: Kangoku Senkan Premium Box Original title: 監獄戦艦PREMIUM BOX Year: Japan 2013-10-25, English Patch v1.01 2019-04-15 Publishers: Anime Lilith Language: English Voice: Japanese Translation: Dark Translations & Rattan Man Translations English Patch: Rattan Man Translations Description: This set includes Kangoku Senkan, Kangoku Senkan 2 Complete, Kangoku Senkan IF, and the Kangoku Senkan 2 Anime! It also includes new artwork and new events. Important: 1. You need to change system locale to Japanese. 2. No need to install. 3. Patch Notes: - "Kangoku Senkan and Kangoku Senkan IF translated by Dark Translations. Kangoku Senkan 2 translated by Rattan Man." Screenshots: Image