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Super Naughty Maid [Final] [KENZsoft/Denpasoft] [3DCG] [COSPLAY] - FIXED (Sorry)
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Date : 2019-06Size : 1.51 G
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Overview: Leona is your cute and lewd maid who will do anything for her master. Join her as she teaches her master everything there is to know about love making. Fully animated artwork brings Leona to life. Multiple scenes and positions to choose from as well as variations Over 60 minutes of lewd talk Release Date: 2019-06-09 Developer/Publisher: KENZsoft/Denpasoft Censorship: Yes - Mosaics Version: Final OS: Windows Language: English Voice Language: Japanese alt text alt text Other torrents stopped at 99,9%. Failed on creation. I'm sorry for that. This is the fixed one.