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Monmusu Quest! Paradox: First and Second Chapter! / Monster Girl Quest Paradox! (Dagorth and Arzor) (Main story fully translated)
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Date : 2019-06Size : 5.30 G
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Hello guys, some time ago I uploaded the partial version of this. Now there is this translation stage that has the main story completely translated, so enjoy, there is still some stuff left to translate from the team doing it right now, but it's mostly secondary stuff. You can find the repository for the translation here: I put both Illias' and Alice's saves in a rar in there, includes most monster girl recruited and the game done, just put the content in the save directory. ArzorX's repository is the one currently being updated pretty regularly, so you can get yer updates here. Also, hope his team translates part 3 but we will see 'bout that. Enjoy, pervs.