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Fortune Arterial [Partial English Patched]
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Date : 2019-04Size : 3.24 G
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alt text Title: Fortune Arterial Length: Long (30 - 50 hours) Year: Japan 2008-01-25, English Patch v0.7.1 2012-11-02 Developer: August Publishers: August Language: English Voice: Japanese Translation: Chuu Translations Description: Hasekura Kouhei transfers into Shuchikan Academy, a prestigious public school in the style of an English six-year school encompassing junior-high and high school students. The school is on an island named Tamatsu Island off-shore from mainland Japan, and the only way to get there is by boat. Soon after transferring, he discovers that Sendou Erika, one of the students in the class next to his, is in fact a type of vampire. Important: 1. You need to change system locale to Japanese. 2. Walkthrough: 3. What is translated: - Common route - fully translated. - Bad end - fully translated. - Kiriha route - fully translated. alt text - Kanade route - fully translated. alt text - Shiro route - fully translated. alt text Screenshots: alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text