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Oppai Cafe. My mother, my sister and Me / Oppai Café ~Oyako de Cos Chichi~ / おっぱいカフェ ~母娘でコスちち~ [English]
Magnet  (89)
Date : 2019-04Size : 414 M
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alt text Title: Oppai Café ~Oyako de Cos Chichi~ Original title: おっぱいカフェ ~母娘でコスちち~ Length: Short (2 - 10 hours) Year: Japan 2017-04-28, English Browser Version 2019-03-04 Developer: Ammolite Publishers: Eroges Language: English Voice: Japanese Description: Kazuki's family run on café shop. However recently their customers started leaving to newly open maid café shop in neighborhood. Thus Kazuki's father decided: "We must compete and start cosplaying as well." Luckily for him his wife and daughter were quite beautiful and had no problem start wearing various costumes while serving customers. Thus he went and buyed pile of costumes and ordered Kazuki to help his mother and sister with training of their new roles and take over their new management. Important: 1. No need to install. 2. You need to change System Locale to Japanese. 3. This version is patched with the English translation from Eroges' browser version. Config menu is not translated. !!! Thanks to printerDesu from ErogeVN! Screenshots: alt text alt text alt text