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[Chair Game Studio] J-Girl [EN] [ACT]
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Date : 2018-10Size : 170 M
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Info Censorship: No Publisher: Chair Game Studio Release: 2018-10-04 Language: English Genre: ACT Size: 170 MB Detail My inspiration came from playing with alloy warheads, I could not stop output when I hit boss, and I had to keep jumping to avoid attack. It was too difficult. I thought that if I had a battery to output, I would feel comfortable to hide from the skills. The core gameplay of the game is the elements of horizontal shooting plus tower defense. Mainly after killing monsters by shooting, collecting resources, then using resources to release skills, and some skills can build defense towers. The game story is also very interesting, and there are daily life with the heroine. This game is the first game that I made completely for the first time in two years after graduation from university. Most of my partners in my team are also college students, and most of them participated in the production of the game for the first time, so many places were not mature enough. But this game is also the results of our common effort, I hope that you have fun.