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[Censored][RPGMaker]ROBF Megapack - Family Friendly Edition[Reupload]
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Date : 2018-05Size : 5.34 G
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-------------------------------------- ROBF/EOY/S4U megapack - including S3U -------------------------------------- Download utilizes the P2P BitTorrent protocol, so a torrent client is a must. Game requires RPGVXAce libraries to run, the installation files can be found under /RPGVXAce_RTP100 or on Enterbrain's website. Be sure to have the system locale AND language for non-Unicode programs set to Japanese before downloading the files, otherwise the differences in encoding might render the filenames as mojibake and corrupt your installation. --------- Contents --------- All files are packaged in separate directories within a root folder, containing ROBF, ROBF EOY and ROBF S4U already decrypted and patched with partial English translation. Also included are partial Korean translations of ROBF (in case the translation glitches the game and makes it impossible to progress) and ROBF S3U, supposedly an omake appended to S4U. If you have the links for the original Japanese copies or even an English translation of S3U, please contact the uploader at the website you acquired the links from. ------ Order ------ The games should be played in the following order: ROBF ---> ROBFS4U ---> ROBFS3U ---> ROBFEOY (ordered by release date) Apparently, some of these games don't follow a chronological order, so you may choose to play EOY before S4U. S3U should always be played AFTER S4U. -------- Download -------- If this doesn't work, try: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:DB9EDA9EAAC8B735691F086AD24A2461161EC062 then right click on the torrent, go to 'Properties' and add these to the tracker list (optional): udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// while this second step isn't really necessary, adding these can aid in Peer discovery and potentially speed up download speeds. Once you're done, please leave your torrent client opened and seed for a few days, this will allow other people to download the games from you and help keep the torrent alive. ------ Issues ------ The Korean versions of ROBF and S3U has broken dialogue, due to encoding issues. To display characters correctly, you must change the language for non-Unicode programs to Korean. All other files are intact and these two games launch just fine, however. Some duplicates and mojibaked stuff were deleted, please contact the uploader in case the game crashes due to missing files. ----------- Note ----------- This version is compliant with's rules.