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(18禁ゲーム VIDEO-CG) [130222] [Jellyfish] SISTERS ~夏の最後の日~ Natsu no Saigo no Hi - Ultra Edition
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Date : 2018-03Size : 443 M
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Another re-upload, because fuck magnet links.
Copy-pasta from the previous re-upload, dunno from who:

clips made from the game H scenes assets.

That means it’s full resolution most of the time, not limited by the game 800x600 interface and its menu on top.

Animations are made from PNG, the game framerate varies a lot, sometimes several times in a scene.
I tried to do the best I could, occasional stutters in the animation are here in the game too.

There is no sound as everything is scripted and too difficult to adapt to a video rendering.
I included the BGM as a bonus.