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[3DCG] 夏のひめごと。 / The Secret in Summer [ENG] [ver 1.5] (おてもと屋 / Otemotoya)
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Date : 2017-09Size : 1.64 G
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Summertime in the Japanese countryside. The boisterous wails of cicadas.
You pass the time with nieces Wakaba and Futaba who invited you to play hide and seek.
The afternoon sun opens their young pores producing a scentless sheen of sweat.
As you play, you come upon an airy unused wood cabin.

The cabin is like a private castle. A secret place to do secret things.

Otemotoya presents Summer Secret (Natsu no Himegoto)
3DCG moments of a sensual summer with twin sisters...

50 base movie clips + variations + text
Screen resolution 960x600

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GGBases >  S W T  ✪   ☀   웃   ❤