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[KISS] カスタムメイド3D2 CM3D2 DLC 20-04-2017
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Date : 2017-04Size : 43.12 G
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Mega links removed since I re-tagged a lot of it.

Assume all DLC require v1.12+
Plus Pack Act 2 requires v1.33+
Plus Pack Act 3 requires v1.44+
Plus pack Act 3.1 requires v1.48.1+

denkigai2015wTshirt is a mod, just drop it in the Mod folder, or Sybaris/Gamedata if you use Sybaris.

Base game can be gotten from here: 1776290
Updates from the official website, here.

Old torrent here: 2113742

I forgot to add the official preset to the torrent, you can get them here.

Full DLC List (now in folder order):
- [CM3D2 April Fools'] [2016 - Empire Defenders] cm3d2_ed *NEW*
- [CM3D2 April Fools'] [2017 - Empire Fighters] cm3d2_ef *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [1st Anniversary VIP Event] cm3d2plg_anniversary001
- [Chu-B Lip Bonus] [S* Disc] cm3d2plg_cbp
- [Vocal Collection] [Dress Set] cm3d2plg_cd001
- [Tokyo Big Sight Bonus] [Medal Necklace] cm3d2plg_chirashi001
- [Denkigai 2015 Winter] [Maid Greetings Voice CD] cm3d2plg_denkai2015wvoicecd
- [Denkigai 2015 Summer] cm3d2plg_denkigai2015s
- [Denkigai 2015 Winter] cm3d2plg_denkigai2015w
- [Denkigai 2015 Winter] [Mug] cm3d2plg_denkigai2015wMugcup
- [Denkigai 2015 Winter] [Panties + Special S*] cm3d2plg_denkigai2015wPants
- [Denkigai 2015 Winter] [Photo Stand B] cm3d2plg_denkigai2015wStandB
- [Denkigai 2015 Winter] [Towel Set] cm3d2plg_denkigai2015wTowel
- [Denkigai 2016 Summer] cm3d2plg_denkigai2016s
- [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [Leathercase] cm3d2plg_denkigai2016sLeathercase *NEW*
- [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [Mastercard] cm3d2plg_denkigai2016sMastercard *NEW*
- [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [Blindfold + S*] cm3d2plg_denkigai2016sMekakusi *NEW*
- [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [Maid Water] cm3d2plg_denkigai2016sMizu
- [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [Mug] cm3d2plg_denkigai2016sMugcup *NEW*
- [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [Incense Coaster + S*] cm3d2plg_denkigai2016sOkou *NEW*
- [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [Act 2 Poster] cm3d2plg_denkigai2016sPoster3d2act2 *NEW*
- [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [Fan] cm3d2plg_denkigai2016sSensu1 *NEW*
- [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [Lap Pillow Plugin] cm3d2plg_denkigai2016sSoine
- [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [Stand] cm3d2plg_denkigai2016sStand *NEW*
- [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [School Swimsuit + S*] cm3d2plg_denkigai2016sSukimizu *NEW*
- [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [T-Shirt] cm3d2plg_denkigai2016sTshirt *NEW*
- [Denkigai 2016 Winter] cm3d2plg_denkigai2016w *NEW*
- [Denkigai 2016 Winter] [Calendar] cm3d2plg_denkigai2016wcalendar *NEW*
- [Denkigai 2016 Winter] [Collar] cm3d2plg_denkigai2016wkubiwa *NEW*
- [Denkigai 2016 Winter] [Maid Encouragement Plugin] cm3d2plg_denkigai2016wvoicedvd *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Separate Maid Uniform] cm3d2plg_dlc001
- [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.1] cm3d2plg_dlc002_003_004_005
- [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.2] cm3d2plg_dlc006_007_008_009
- [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.3] cm3d2plg_dlc010_011_012_013
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Cow Costume] cm3d2plg_dlc014
- [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.4] cm3d2plg_dlc015_016_017_018
- [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.5] cm3d2plg_dlc019_020_021_022
- [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.6] cm3d2plg_dlc023_024_025_026_027
- [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.7] cm3d2plg_dlc028_029_030_031
- [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.8] cm3d2plg_dlc032_033_034_035
- [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.9] cm3d2plg_dlc036_037_038_039
- [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.10] cm3d2plg_dlc040_041_042_043
- [CM3D2 Shop] ["Welcome to Pia Carrot!" Costumes] cm3d2plg_dlc044_045_046
- [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.11] cm3d2plg_dlc047_048_049_050
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Lose - Maitetsu Costumes] cm3d2plg_dlc051_052
- [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.12] cm3d2plg_dlc053_054_055_056
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Madsoft - Wagama High Spec Costumes] cm3d2plg_dlc057_058
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 1] cm3d2plg_dlc059_060_061_062_cos001
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Lump of Sugar - Tayutama Costumes] cm3d2plg_dlc063_064
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 2] cm3d2plg_dlc065_066_067_068_cos002
- [CM3D2 Shop] [White Lace Set] cm3d2plg_dlc069 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 3] cm3d2plg_dlc071_072_073_074_cos003
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 4] cm3d2plg_dlc075_076_077_078_cos004
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Fox Ears and Tail] cm3d2plg_dlc079
- [CM3D2 Shop] [WhitePowder・LAMUNATION! Set] cm3d2plg_dlc080_081
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Senren * Banka Set] cm3d2plg_dlc082_083
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Otaka's Wife 2 Scenario Set] cm3d2plg_dlc084
- [CM3D2 Shop] [KanoTsuku2 Full Set] cm3d2plg_dlc085_CanKnowTwoClose
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 5] cm3d2plg_dlc086_087_088_089_cos005 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Sports Sunglasses] cm3d2plg_dlc090 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 6] cm3d2plg_dlc091_092_093_094_cos006 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Maid-to-Order Hairsets] cm3d2plg_dlc095_096_097 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Headphones] cm3d2plg_dlc098 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Dohatsuten Male Head] cm3d2plg_dlc099 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Pajamas EX - Rabu Rabu Sisters Set] cm3d2plg_dlc100_101 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 7] cm3d2plg_dlc102_103_104_105_cos007 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 8] cm3d2plg_dlc106_107_108_109_cos008 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Minato Soft - Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!] cm3d2plg_dlc110_111 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Harukaze - Noratoto] cm3d2plg_dlc112_113 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 9] cm3d2plg_dlc114_115_116_117_cos009 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [New Year's Hair Decoration] cm3d2plg_dlc118 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 10] cm3d2plg_dlc119_120_121_122_cos010 *NEW*
- [Cm3D2 Shop] [NanaWind - Haruoto Alice * Gram] cm3d2plg_dlc123_124 *NEW*
- [Cm3D2 Shop] [NanaWind - Haruoto Alice * Gram Rindou Yaya Set] cm3d2plg_dlc125 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Clochette - Harumina] cm3d2plg_dlc126_127_128_129 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 11] cm3d2plg_dlc130_131_132_133_cos011 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 12] cm3d2plg_dlc134_135_136_137_cos012 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Carol Works - Otorena] cm3d2plg_dlc138_139 *NEW*
- [DLSite Bonus] [Original Mascot Set] cm3d2plg_dlsite
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Valentine's Event 2016] cm3d2plg_event001
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Valentines Events 2017] cm3d2plg_event002 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [VR Live Event 2017] cm3d2plg_kissevent2017march *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Append] [Fan Book] cm3d2plg_magazine001
- [CM3D2 Append] [Fanbook 2 + VR] cm3d2plg_magazine002 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Yandere Launch Set] cm3d2plg_ordermade001
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Personality Add-on] [Yandere] cm3d2plg_personal001
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Personality Add-on] [Onee-chan] cm3d2plg_personal002
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Personality Add-on] [Genki Tomboy] [Voice Add-on] cm3d2plg_personal003_add001 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Personality Add-on] [Genki Tomboy] cm3d2plg_personal003_ordermade002 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Append] [Plus Pack] cm3d2plg_pp001
- [CM3D2 Append] [Plus Pack ACT.2] cm3d2plg_pp002
- [CM3D2 Append] [Plus Pack Act 3] cm3d2plg_pp003 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Plus Pack Act 3.1] cm3d2plg_pp003p *NEW*
- [Release Bonus] [Launch Shirt + Drill] cm3d2plg_release
- [Pre-Order Bonus 01] [Ordinary Maid Set] cm3d2plg_shop001
- [Pre-Order Bonus 02] [Gothic Dress] cm3d2plg_shop002
- [Pre-Order Bonus 03] [Racing Maid] cm3d2plg_shop003
- [Pre-Order Bonus 04] [Military One Piece] cm3d2plg_shop004
- [Pre-Order Bonus 05] [Teacher Outfit] cm3d2plg_shop005
- [Pre-Order Bonus 06] [Exotic Dancer] cm3d2plg_shop006
- [Pre-Order Bonus 07] [Garter Stocking] cm3d2plg_shop007
- [Pre-Order Bonus 08] [Captivating Bustier] cm3d2plg_shop008
- [Pre-Order Bonus 09] [Front Zip Swimsuit] cm3d2plg_shop009
- [Pre-Order Bonus 10] [Bare Ribbon] cm3d2plg_shop010
- [Sixteen Bonus] [Nao Shirt] cm3d2plg_sixteen
- [TECH GIAN Bonus] [November 2016 Issue] cm3d2plg_tech002 *NEW*
- [Maid After Hours] [VIP Masturbation Voyeur] cm3d2plg_urayome001
- [CM3D2 Drama CD] [Additional Plugin] cm3d2plg_voicedvd_live *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Append] [Visual Pack] cm3d2plg_vp001
- [CM3D2 VR Bonus] [Fried Chicken Earrings] cm3d2plg_vr
- [W-Pack Bonus] [Halter One Piece] cm3d2plg_wp001
- [CM3D2 Christmas 2016 Events] cm3d2plg_xmas2016 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class S*s Vol.1] [Sweet Maid]cm3d2plg_ytgc001
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class S*s Vol.2] [Party Maid]cm3d2plg_ytgc002
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class S*s Vol.3] [Sex Slave Maid]cm3d2plg_ytgc003
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class S*s Vol.4] [Bridal Maid]cm3d2plg_ytgc004
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class S*s Vol.5] [Succubus Maid]cm3d2plg_ytgc005
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class S*s Vol.6] [Queen Maid]cm3d2plg_ytgc006
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class S*s Vol.7] [Darkness Maid]cm3d2plg_ytgc007
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class S*s Vol.8] [Cherised Maid]cm3d2plg_ytgc008
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class S*s Vol.9] [Bound Maid] cm3d2plg_ytgc009 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class S*s Vol.10] [Erotic Maid] cm3d2plg_ytgc010 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class S*s Vol.11] [Flirty Love Maid] cm3d2plg_ytgc011 *NEW*
- [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class S*s Vol.12[ [Abyss Maid] cm3d2plg_ytgc012 *NEW*
- [Denkigai 2015 Winter] [T-Shirt] [Mod Conversion] denkigai2015wTshirt

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