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KISS Custom Maid 3D2 + most DLC
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Date : 2017-03Size : 27.5 G
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In CM3D2, your uncle (who has decided to get married) leaves you in charge of the glorious Empire Club. With your very own Maid in tow, you explore your fabulous new club only to realize that you have been left with a just as majestic debt. Its up to the s*s of you and your Maid to pay off that debt and save your club!

In order to do so, you train your maid by having her do tasks around the club during the day, and having her service you at night. Once she is upgraded to either a personal or free maid, you will be able to have her perform "night service" on clients to make bank. There is only one maid to start, but you are gifted a second when the first is no longer a trainee. When you have paid off the initial debt, you may hire more maids. How much money they make for the club depends on what kind of maid you choose them to be after the trainee period, and their s* points.

System Requirements
OS Windows® 7/8/8.1(32bit/64bit)
CPU Core i5(4Core) 2.5Ghz or higher
Memory Required: 3GB or higher(32bitOS)
Recommended: 8GB or higher
Graphic Required: DirectX 11 supported GPU
(GeForce GTX400 series/Radeon HD6000 series or higher)
Recommended: GeForce GTX500 series or higher mid-range~high-end class
Resolution Required: HD (1280 × 720) or higher 32bit color
Recommended: Full HD (1920 × 1080) or higher 32bit color

Installation: I have included installation instructions that should help, as well as a link to the game wiki. If you are unfamiliar with installing Japanese region locked PC games, I strongly suggest that you read the wiki very carefully before attempting to install the game. HF Applocale for Windows 8.1 and prior works excellent. NTLEAS for Windows 10 is annoying, but works. Once the game is installed and patched, launching it will be seamless. Neither of those programs are included.

Known issues: For reasons I haven't figured out, one of the hair textures on a battle maid is missing. Gameplay is unaffected, but it is annoying.

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