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『girlcelly』 [141230] [NEKO WORKs] ネコぱら vol.1 ソレイユ開店しました! + Bonus [Comiket 87] [Japanese/English/Chinese]
Magnet  (30)  Offline
Date : 2014-12Size : 1.89 G
No snapshot? Click me to search! Savedata Walkthrough EXHENTAI E-HENTAI


More information can be found at:

Um...It been a while since last time I played PC Games, they were Da Capo series by MangaGamer !

This game is so cute ! When I heard from friends there is sticker for it on Line, I tried to download free applications for Gold and bought it ^_^

To bdawg and people who want to buy that sticker, you can use methods below:

1- Use"Vanilla" as keywork to search for it, it cost 50 Gold only~

2- Type line://shop/detail/1000085 as message on your Line account, it will redirect you to Chocola & Vanilla sticker page

3- Use this link to buy from Line web:

PS: Um...I just start my blog for posting new releases, requests, random uploads and more in the future ^_^

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GGBases >  S W  ✪   ☀   웃   ❤